18 MAY, 2015

Client: United House Ltd
Contract Duration: March 2009 – May 2010
Contract Value: 640k
Contract Location: West Street, Covent Garden, London


United House had acquired a spacious yet dilapidated 6 storey office building located next door to the famed Ivy restaurant and club in the heart of London’s West End. Once refurbished, this building would become the company’s central London office.


As the principal subcontractor on this project, Gaskell Refurbishments  carried out the majority of the refurbishment works on this property, and also assisted the Client in managing other subcontractors involved on the project including M&E contractors and heating and ventilation contractors.

Once we had completed the task of removing all the floors within the structure along with the supporting timbers and steels and the whole front façade of the building, we began the reinstatement programme which involved the replacement of all structural steels and floors and the complete rebuilding of the front façade.

We also played a key role in the fitting out of the office space, including the installation of all internal wall linings, ceilings and partitions, high specification ceramic tiling, decorating and all finishes.


Specific structural challenges included the fitting of a high tech damp proof system, complete with pumps, in the basement of the property, and also the refurbishment of an old hidden vault which ran directly under the footpath and road outside the building.

In addition, the property was located on an extremely narrow one way street with renowned restaurants on either side of the premises. It was therefore of paramount importance that customer access to these restaurants was not impeded in any way, and also that the site remained free of any visible building debris that may have constituted a nuisance.

In order to address these problems we implemented working practises designed to keep noise pollution to a minimum and took steps, such as repainting all hoardings on a fortnightly basis, to ensure that the site remained inconspicuous to customer traffic. In addition we made considerable efforts to reorganise our work force so that members of our team were available to take receipt of large deliveries of materials at abnormal hours, typically between 4.00 and 4.30 am both during the week and at weekends.


Gaskell Refurbishments delivered this demanding, high specification refurbishment project on schedule, and our Client was delighted to take possession of this sleek and ultra modern space to serve as their flagship office in central London.


“This project involved the complex redevelopment of a structurally dilapidated building in the centre of London. The challenges of this project incorporated the removal of the roof structure with all internal walls & floor structures together with demolition of the front elevation.

This included excavation of the basement resulting in full remodelling of the building from the party walls to the side and rear elevations.Once the new structure was built the entire building was transformed with a high class fit out. Gaskell Refurbishments provided a number of the specialist trades to undertake the works supporting the project management in a principal subcontract capacity.

This project is an example of a major contract representative of the level of service, craftsmanship and dedication necessary in delivering large scale complex construction projects.”

Mark Allum, Director, United House Ltd